US History Videos

The following are videos that were shown in class (Though not all parts of all videos were shown)

9/11 Archaeology (First 10 minutes)

Inuit (Until trapping scene)





John Cabot

Samuel de Champlain

Robert LaSalle

Fransisco Coronado

In Search Of Roanoke Island

Mr Betts Class Roanoke Island

Life in Jamestown

Mr Betts Class Jamestown

Mr Betts  Puritans

Mr Betts Massachusetts Bay Colony

Mr Betts Pilgrims

Mr Betts Pennsylvania

Pilgrim Fathers Rap

King George III


Washington named Commander

Jefferson Mini Biography

Benjamin Franklin

Paul Revere

No More Kings

The Boston Massacre

Pre War Summary (In The End)

Pre War Summary 2 (Mr Betts)

Stay with Me (Mr Betts)

Approval of the Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence (Mr Betts)

Articles of Confederation (Mr Betts – Milkshake)

Articles of Confederation (Mr Betts – Celebration)

Articles of Confederation (Boom Boom Pow)