Notebook Pages (1st Quarter)

Here you will find links to the notebook pages that should be in your History notebook. You can always come here to get the notes if you were absent or lost them. There are no excuses for not having your notes.

Page 1 (August 15) Quick Reference Guide

Page 2 (August 17) Primary and Secondary Sources

Page 3 and 4 (August 18) Latitude Longitude 

Pages 5, 6, and 7 (August 22) Land and Water Features (Complete) Students are to diagram in boxes.

Page 8 (August 23) Continents and Oceans World Map

Page 9 (August 24) Major Bodies of Water Map

Page 10 (August 24) Major Bodies of Water 2018 (Complete)

Students are to color each continent and make a key. All Oceans are to be labeled.

Page 11 (August 30-31) Geographic Regions Map (Colored)

Page 12 (August 30-31) Geographic Region Sheet Blocks (Complete)

Page 13 (September 11) Archaeology Notes 2016-17

Page 14 (September 13) Resources

Page 15 (September 18) Native Americans

Page 16 (September 18) Native American Map (Colored and Complete)