This Week In History (March 6-10)

This week in histroy is the last of the third quarter. Students will be given any homework assignments they owed to have completed by the end of the week. We continue our path toward the Civil War as students are taking their reading and science benchmark tests. Here is the gameplan:

Monday: Women’s History essay

Tuesday: Compromises

Wednesday: Compromises

Thursday: Secession and Sides

Friday: No School for Students

This Week In History (Feb. 27- March 3)

This week in US History I we have will be taking our 3rd and final Benchmark test. With benchmark testing this week, there will be no homework.

In fact, as an added incentive, students who pass this benchmark test will be excused from history homework until AFTER spring break!

Here is the plan for our week:

Monday: Review SOLs 6 and 7

Tuesday: Review game


Thursday: Issues dividing the nation

Friday: Issues dividing the nation


This Week In History (February 20-24)

This week in history we are going through a general review for our upcoming benchmark assessment next week. Because of the Presidents Day holiday on Monday, we will not have homework this week. Here is the game plan….

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Geography and Native Americans

Wednesday: Exploration and Colonization

Thursday: Lab Review

Friday: Revolution and New Nation

This Week in History (February 13-17)

This week in history is going to be a bit condensed with the teacher workdays and professional development scheduled for late in the week. No homework due to the abbreviated week. Here is the game plan…

Monday: Abolitionists

Tuesday Suffragist/Abolitionist review

Wednesday: SOL USI.8abcd Review

Thursday: Test USI.8abcd (Early Dismissal)

Friday: No school for students

Enjoy the extended Holiday weekend!

This Week In History (February 6-10)

This week in History, we continue to look at our expansion to the west, the inventions that impacted our nations growth, and a look into the reform movement. Here is the game plan….

Monday: Review New territories (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: New Technologies

Wednesday: Suffragists

Thursday: Lab Review

Friday: Abolitionists (Homework Due)

Homework Week of February 6th

Have A great week!

This Week In History (Jan 30-Feb 3)

This week in history we will look at the growth of our nation in the 1800s the week will culminate with a quiz. Homework also makes a return this week. Out Monday, due Friday. Here is the game plan:

Monday: Manifest Destiny (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Territorial Expansion

Wednesday: Territorial Expansion/ Economic Reasons

Thursday: Lab Review

Friday: Quiz Manifest Destiny, Territorial Expansion, and Economics

Homework Week of January 30th

This Week In History (January 23-27)

This Week in History we will continue to look to the early days of our nation by examining the early Presidents. Here is the game plan

Monday: 1st 5 Presidents

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: Test SOL USI.7

Friday: TBA

This Week In History (January 16-20)

This week in History is another abbreviated one which means no homework for students this week. We will however have our first quiz of the new quarter/semester on Thursday. It will 15 questions on the Articles of Confederation, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. There are quizlet activites on this site to help prepare for the assessment. Here is the game plan for the week:

Monday: No School (King Holiday)

Tuesday: In class reading and response Articles of Conf, Constitution, & Bill of Rights.

Wednesday: Written review assignment for quiz prep.

Thursday: Quiz in computer lab (15 Questions total. 3 are TEI)

Friday: A look at the executive branch.

This Week In History (January 9-13)

Well this week in history needs to be modified a bit due to the weather. SInce this has become an abbreviated week, there will be NO HOMEWORK due this week. We will also be delaying our quiz until next week. I am targeting next Thursday at this point. (You can check back for next weeks post too get more detailed information)

Our game plan this week will be as follows:

Wednesday: Constitution

Thursday: Lab Work

Friday: Constitution/ Bill of Rights

Have a great week everyone.

This Week In History (January 2-6)

This week we kick off a new calendar year and the second semester in USI. Because of the abbreviated week, there is NO HOMEWORK this week.

Here is this weeks game plan:

Wednesday: Articles of Confederation

Thursday: Lab Review

Friday: Articles of Confederation

Welcome back, and best wishes on a great second semester.