This Week in History (April 16-20)

This week in history we will continue to look at the break up of the United States in the Civil War Era. Tuesday of this week will vary by class due to the science field trip. Homework will be issued on Monday, and due back on Friday. Here is the plan for the week…..

Monday: Review Sectionalism and sides (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Science Field Trip

Wednesday: Quiz Sectionalism and Sides

Thursday: Sides of the Civil War

Friday: Sides of the Civil War

Homework Week of April 16th

This Week in History (April 9-13)

This week we return from break for the home stretch. Keeping in the theme of “Racing for Success” it is time we “GAS” up at the end. “Get assignments done”, “Arrive on time”, and “Show respect for peers and adults”

We are starting the Civil War this week. The largest unit of the year. This is the unit where our year ending Performance Based Assessment will come from. It is important to review this information nightly, and make sure you know it well. Notebooks and computers will not be permitted when completing the PBA.

Here is the plan for this week:

Monday: Sectionalism (Homework issued)

Tuesday: Sectionalism

Wednesday: Compromises

Thursday: Compromises

Friday: Review (Homework due)

Homework Week of April 9th

This Week In History (March 26-30)

This Week in History we start our Civil War Unit as we begin to look at some of the issues that caused our nation to fall into Civil War. There will be a homework assignment due on Friday, but no quiz or test. Here is the game plan for the week.

Monday: Sectionalism

Tuesday: Sectionalism

Wednesday: Compromises

Thursday: Compromises

Friday: Review

Homework Week of March 26st

This Week In History (March 19-23)

This week marks the beginning of the 4th quarter. Due to some testing carrying over from last week, we are going to move the Quarterly test to Thursday. In the time leading up to that, we will continue to look at previously taught SOLs and have a lesson in Achieve, and even a lesson in kindness on the way. Homework returns this week as well. It will be due on Friday. Here is our game plan for the week.

Monday: Complete Quarterly review packets in class. (Homework issued)

Tuesday: Achieve 3000/Kindness lesson

Wednesday: Station Review

Thursday: Quarterly Test

Friday: Sectionalism (Homework due)

Homework Week of March 19th

Have a great week!

This Week In History (March 12-16)

This week in History we close out the 3rd quarter. Student will be reviewing for a comprehensive test on March 20th. This will be an abbreviated week in the classroom with an early dismissal day on Thursday, and a teacher workday on Friday. This means no homework! However, any missing homework assignments are able to be picked up in class and due back on Thursday, March 15th.

Monday: Colonization Review

Tuesday: Revolution Review

Wednesday: New Nation Review

Thursday: Kindness

Friday: No School


Have a great week, and students, enjoy your long weekend!

This Week In History (February 26 – March 2)

This week we get back to a 5 day school week! This is fantastic news as we finally get to close out our unit on Expansion and Reform. The week will end with a major test on that unit. A homework assignment will be issued that reviews the entire unit. It will be due back on Friday like always. Here is the game plan for the week:

Monday: Suffragists (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Abolitionists

Wednesday: Review Reform movement

Thursday: Review Expansion

Friday: Test SOL USI.8abcd Expansion and Reform (Homework Due)

Homework Week of February 26th

Online Practice for the Test (Maps)

Online Practice for the Test (Questions)

This Week In History (February 19-23)

This is a short week in history, we will close out our look at American expansion. There is no homework being that it is a short week. Here is theĀ  game plan:

Monday: No School

Tuesday: New Technologies

Wednesday: New Technologies

Thursdays: Review Territories, Expansion, New Tehnologies

Friday: Quiz New Territories, Expansion, and New Technologies