This Week In History (January 22-26)

This week in History hopefully we will have a return to normalcy with no weather interruptions. We will not have any tests or quizzes this week, as we have to catch up with some of the content we havent gotten to with the weather days the past few weeks. We are still on track to complete everything in a complete and timely manner. Homework will also be back this week. Here is the game plan:

Monday: The Constitution (Homework issued)

Tuesday: The Constitution

Wednesday: Bill of Rights

Thursday: The 1st 5 Presidents

Friday:The 1st 5 Presidents

Homework Week of January 22nd

This Week In History (January 15-19)

This week in History is a short one with the Monday celebration of the holiday. Because of this there will be no homework. There will be an oral quiz at the end of the week on the Articles of Confederation. The rest of the week will follow this game plan:

Monday: No School (King Holiday)

Tuesday: Achieve 3000 Lesson (Plus info on Oral Quiz)

Wednesday: Constitution

Thursday: Constitution/Bill of Rights

Friday: Bill of Rights/ Oral Quiz

Oral Quiz Question and Answers

Have a great week!

This Week In History (January 8-12)

Welcome back! I hope everyone had plenty of relaxation. I know I was getting bored near the end of break, and need something to do between these great football games. As luck would have it, our break was a bit longer than expected. Here is the game plan for our short week as we return:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Reviewed Routines and procedures, shake out the cobwebs.

Thursday: Articles of Confederation

Friday: Articles of Conferderations