This Week In History (December 18-22)

This week in History we come to the end of the semester. Our Revolutionary War test will be this week as well as our PBA (Comic Book Project) being completed in class as well. IT is the last chance to turn in any make up work as well. Here is this weeks game plan:

Monday: Review for Revolution Test/Work on Comic Book

Tuesday: Revolutionary Era Test

Wednesday: Comic Book PBA work

Thursday: Tying up loose ends/ Make Up work/ Student Choice


Have a great break!


This Week In History (December 11-15)

This week in history we have start the second round of Benchmark Testing. Though we do not have a Benchmark Test for US History, we will have a major test coming up on Tuesday December 19th on the Revolutionary Era. We will be reviewing the revolutionary era all week, which will include a week long in class project. Due to the Benchmark testing there will be no homework this week.  Here is this weeks game plan:

Monday: Project introduction. Revolution Review

Tuesday: Revolution Review (Flash Cards)- Project Work

Wednesday: Revolution Review (Quizlet)- Project Work

Thursday: Revolution  Review (Slideshow Groups)- Project Work

Friday: Revolution Review (Narration)- Project Work