This Week in History (Oct. 30-Nov 3)

This week in history is gonna be scary, and it has nothing to do with Halloween! We are going to look at some of the early English colonies in North America. The land that will become the United States! Some of the earliest colonies have some scary history to them. We will take a look at them this week with a quiz on Friday. Homework will also return this week. Here is a look at the game plan:

Monday: English Economic Colonies (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: English Religious Colonies

Wednesday:Review Early English Colonies

Thursday: Review Early English Colonies

Friday: Quiz Early English Colonies (Homework Due)

Homework Week of October 30

This Week in History (October 23-27)

This week in history we are going to take a step back in order to move forward. I was not satisfied with the overall performance of the students on the Exploration Test last week, therefor I am going to try some new strategies and retest the same material on Friday. Those students who did score well will also get to tretest on Friday to attempt to improve their score as well. Though they will be working on more of an extention project this week in class. Here is the breakdown of the week

Monday-Thursday: Exploration Extention and Recovery

Friday: Exploration Recovery Test

There is no written homework this week, though all students are encouraged to use the materials on my website to prepare for Fridays assessment. Especially the Check for Mastery and Quizlet Tabs.

This Week in History (October 16-20)

This week in History we will start the second quarter by completing our Exploration unit. We will have an assessment on Friday. Due to the short week, there is no homework, though students are encouraged to prepare for their test. Here is the game plan for the week.

Monday: No School (Fall Break)

Tuesday: Achieve 3000/ Cooperation/Conflict notes

Wednesday: Review Exploration Unit (Old School)

Thursday: Review Exploration Unit (With technology)

Friday: Exploration Exam.

This Week In History (October 9-13)

This week in history, we close out the first quarter of the school year. Hard to believe it is that time already. The week is full of benchmark testing and an early release day on Friday for students, so there will be no homework this week. (I do plan on having old assignments available for those who owe them in the classroom. Check the Parent Portal to see if your child owes a homework assignment.)

Here is the game plan for the week

Monday: Explorers

Tuesday: Explorers

Wednesday: Explorers

Thursday: Interactions

Friday: Cooperation/Conflict (End of 1st Quarter)

Have a great week! Looking forward to the 2nd quarter!