This Week in History (September 4-8)

This week in history is a short one, however we will be busy. The week will bring our Geography Unit to a conclusion. A lot of work will be done in class to bring us to that point. Let’s take a look at the game plan:

Monday: No School Labor Day (Celebrate! No homework on a short week!)

Tuesday: Review Geographic Regions

Wednesday: Review Geographic Regions

Thursday: Review all of Geography

Friday: Test USI.2abcd (All Geography)

This will be our first major test of the year. Though there is no homework, all students are strongly encouraged to use my website to prepare for the test using the online notebook, Quizlet, Games, and Check for Mastery. We are building champions!

This Week in History (August 28-Sept. 1)

This week in history we will have our first quiz on The continents, oceans, and other major bodies of water. There will be homework issued on Monday, and due back on Friday. Here is the game plan for the week:

Monday: Review USI.2abd (Homework Assigned)

Tuesday: Quiz USI.abd

Wednesday: Geograpghic Regions (east)

Thursday: Geographic Regions (west)

Friday: Geographic Regions review (Homework Due)

Homework Week of August 28th

This Week in History (August 21-25)

This week in History, history will actually made when a partial solar eclipse will be visible from Va. As for our History class we will begin to get into the meat of our Geography Unit. This will occur after Mondays Student Growth Assessment. (This will not count toward the students grade—it is the “before” picture in our years work. The plan for the week ahead is….

Mon: Student Growth Assessment 1 (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Land and Water Formations

Wednesday: Continents and Oceans

Thursday: Major Bodies of Water

Friday: Major Bodies of Water  (Homework Due)

Homework Week of August 21st