This Week In History (May 22-26)

The last hurrah! Students will spend the last 3 days of their school year reviewing in some ways they have chosen. Some classes will work on some “Soft skill” activities as well. I wish all of my students the best as they move on to 7th grade and US History II. (It is really good stuff. If you liked USI, you are gonna LOVE USII!)


This Week In History (May 8-12)

This week in History we continue through school wide Testing. Here is the schedule for the week.

Monday: US History I Student Growth Assessment

Tuesday: Review Activity (History Tellers)

Wednesday: US History Circuit Training

Thursday: Reading SOL

Friday: History Test (An older released SOL)

Best wishes to all 6th graders testing in all subjects.

This Week in History (May 1-5)

We have reached the end of year testing window. I would like to offer all my students best wishes on their upcoming SOLs, SGAs, and Final Exams.

Here is the schedule for the week….

Monday: 3 Do’s and a Don’t Review

Tuesday: Card Work

Wednesday: 1st Semester Buzzowords

Thursday: 2nd Semester Buzzwords

Friday: 6th Grade MATH SOL TEST