This Week In History (December 12-16)

This week 2nd quarter benchmarks are in full swing and the sun begins to set on the first semester There are going to be a few more graded assignments though before we get a well deserved break. Here is the game plan:

Monday: History Benchmark Test (No homework this week)

Tuesday : History Comic Book Project (1st and 5th)

Wednesday: History Comic Book Project (2nd and 6th)

Thursday: History Comic Book Project (1st and 5th)

Friday: History Comic Book Project (2nd and 6th)

Best wishes to all students taking their benchmarks.


This Week in History (December 5-9)

This week in History is a busy one. It’s getiing to that time of the semester. We will have our test on the Revolutionary War on Wednesday, and Benchmark testing begins on Thursday for Writing. With that in mind there will be NO HOMEWORK for this week. The History Benchmark test will be on Monday, December 12th.

I told the students this week of an incentive I am giving them to pass both the Revolutionary War test (12/7) and the Benchmark Test (12/12). Any student who passes BOTH of those tests will have NO HISTORY HOMEWORK for the month of January! Can’t beat a deal like that.

Best wishes to all of my students on all of their assessments as we reach the final stages of the first semester. Have a great week.