This Week In History (Nov 28-Dec 2)

We are back for the “sprint” that is the time between Thanksgiving and Winter Break. This is a busy time of year both in school, and out. We have the end of the semester in just 18 school days, as well as a series of benchmark assessments in that time. It is a time to stay focused, one day at a time, set your goals, and reach them. Here is our week ahead…..

Monday: Clean out the cobwebs (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Pre Revolutionary Events

Wednesday: The Start of the Revolution

Thursday: Lab Review

Friday: Declaration of Independence (Homework Due)


This Week In History (November 21-25)

We have made it to Thanksgiving Week! With a very short 2 days, we will not have any homework this week, and our in class work will center around the Thanksgiving at Plymouth, and students will have a look at a very special Thanksgiving dinner with some key people from our US History studies.

May all students, their parents, families and friends have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving break. See you next week.


This Week In History (November 14-18)

This week in history we will see that all is not well with the colonists. Economic and political controls, along with world events are starting to stir discontent among some colonists. This is a full week of school, so there will be homework. Here is the game plan for the week:

Monday: Economic and political controls (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Colonial Dissatisfaction

Wednesday: Key people of the Revolution

Thursday: Quiz (?) (May be on Friday-Will monitor as the week unfolds)

Friday: Quiz (paper/pencil) or Flashback Friday (Homework Due)



This Week In History (November 7-11)

This Week in History is abbreviated a bit due to election day on Tuesday, but we will see the end of our unit on Colonial America. Since this is a 4 day week, there is NO HOMEWORK. Here is the gameplan….

Monday: Colonial People

Tuesday: No School (Election Day)

Wednesday: Review Colonial America

Thursday: Review Colonial America

Friday: Test on USI.5abc (Early Colonies, Colonial Regions, and Colonial People)

No Home work this week.

Google Slide Project (Oct 3rd)

You will pick 2 (3 for extra credit) Colonial regions-New England, Mid-Atlantic or Southern Colonies to make a slide presentation. You must include 5 slides per region-Resources-human and natural, Geography and Climate, Specialization, Interdependence, and Social Political set up. Each slide should have the information and a picture or graphic. You can look at page 3 of the refrigerator cards for guidance if necessary.

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