This Week In History (Oct 31-Nov 4)

This week in History we begin a long look at life in Colonial America. We will focus on how life differed in each of the colonial regions. There will be homework, however no quiz or test. Here is the game plan for the week ahead:

Monday: New England Colonies (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Mid Atlantic Colonies

Wednesday: Southern Colonies

Thursday: Lab Work on Colonial Regions

Friday: Flashback Friday (Homework Due)


This Week In History (October 24-28)

This week in history we take a look at the earliest English colonization in North America. There will be homework distributed Monday (Due Friday) and the students will take a quiz on the early English colonies on Thursday. Here is the gameplan…..

Monday: Early Economic Colonies (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Early Religious Colonies

Wednesday: Project Based Assignment

Thursday: Quiz Early English Colonies (Early Dismissal)

Friday: Flashback Friday (Topic TBA) (Homework Due)


This Week In History (October 17-21)

This week begins the 2nd quarter of the school year, and what a busy week it is. There will be an oral quiz and notebook check Wednesday, a Test on exploration Thursday, along with a homework assignment due at the end of the week. He is the gameplan:

Monday: PBA/ Review Exploration (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: PBA/ Review Exploration

Wednesday: Notebook Check (p. 12-19) and Oral Quiz (Poem)

Thursday: Test Exploration

Friday: Flashback Friday (Homework Due)


a-poem-for-explorers (This is the Oral Quiz Wednesday)

This Week In History (October 10-14)

This week in history we close out the first grading quarter. There is no school for students on Friday, so there is no regular homework assigned for the week. However, any student who owed any homework assignment was given that assignment that they can make up for credit in the grade book. I can accept no assignments after Thursday. (Get them done if you received them)

Here is the gameplan for the week

Monday: Cooperation and Conflict

Tuesday: Explorers

Wednesday: More Explorers

Thursday: European Interactions

Friday: No School. Teacher Workday.