This Week In History (September 26-30)

This week in US History I we will close out the month of September by looking at the European exploration that eventually leads to the creation of the United States. The week will have a homework assignment issued on Monday, and due back Friday.

Here is the game plan

Monday: West African trade (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Motivation factors for exploration

Wednesday: Obstacles and accomplishments of exploration.

Thursday: Quiz-West Africa, Motivations, Obstacles, Accomplishments

Friday: Project Based Assignment Exploration (Homework Due)



This Week In History (September 19-23)

This week in US History I we will complete our work on SOL 3 (Archaeology and Native Americans). It will culminate with an assessment and notebook check. (Notebook pages 8-11) As is always the case on a 5 day week, homework will be issued on Monday and due back on Friday.

Here is the gameplan….

Mon: Review Sources, Archaeology, and Native Americans (HMWK issued)

Tues: Native American Stations

Wed: Native American Activity (Notebook Check)

Thur: Lab work SOL USI.3abc

Fri: Test SOL USI.3abc (Homework due)


This Week In History (Sept. 5-9)

This week in history we will come to the conclusion of our Geography unit. with a test in the lab on Thursday. This week has only 4 school days in it so no homework in US History I. However students can use the quizlet, check for mastery, ad games tabs on this site to prepare for the test on Thursday.

Have a great week!