More changes in History…

I am postponing the Geography test until Thursday of next week. (September 8th) I feel that the students could use the extra time preparing, and the move is in their best interest.

The Homework this week and the notebook check are still going to occur on Friday.

This Week In History (August 29-September 2nd)

This week in History we will continue our study of geography by looking at the geographic regions of North America. The week will conclude with a test and notebook check on Friday. Here is the gameplan….

Monday: Pre-Assessment to measure annual growth (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Geographic Regions (East)

Wednesday: Geographic Regions (West)

Thursday: Lab Review

Friday: Geography Test and Notebook Check (Homework Due)

Homework Week of August 29th


This Week In History (August 22-26)

We are well underway! Last week we got to know each other, and learn the rules and procedures at CMS and in History class, as well as reviewing continents and oceans. This week in history we are going to look at the role major bodies of water play. The week will include our first homework assignment (issued Monday, due Friday) and our first quiz and notebook check (Friday). Here is the game plan for the week….

Monday: Major bodies of water  (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Latitude and Longitude

Wednesday: Project based activity (Major bodies of water)

Thursday: Review for Quiz

Friday: Quiz and Notebook Check (Homework Due)

Homework Week of August 22nd

Have a great week!


Happy New Year! I’d like to welcome all the new 6th grade CMS Eagles to the nest. This year we have a lot of great topics to discuss and debate. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know each of you.

This website is an excellent resource for parents and students to use as a reference or to improve skills as the year progresses. It will contain presentations, homework assignments, notes, videos, games, and more! Bookmark it now.