This Week in History (October 16-20)

This week in History we will start the second quarter by completing our Exploration unit. We will have an assessment on Friday. Due to the short week, there is no homework, though students are encouraged to prepare for their test. Here is the game plan for the week.

Monday: No School (Fall Break)

Tuesday: Achieve 3000/ Cooperation/Conflict notes

Wednesday: Review Exploration Unit (Old School)

Thursday: Review Exploration Unit (With technology)

Friday: Exploration Exam.

This Week In History (October 9-13)

This week in history, we close out the first quarter of the school year. Hard to believe it is that time already. The week is full of benchmark testing and an early release day on Friday for students, so there will be no homework this week. (I do plan on having old assignments available for those who owe them in the classroom. Check the Parent Portal to see if your child owes a homework assignment.)

Here is the game plan for the week

Monday: Explorers

Tuesday: Explorers

Wednesday: Explorers

Thursday: Interactions

Friday: Cooperation/Conflict (End of 1st Quarter)

Have a great week! Looking forward to the 2nd quarter!

This Week In History (October 2-6)

This week in history we draw nearer to the end of the first quarter. Wow, time really seems to move fast this time of year. This week will be a busy one complete with homework, a quiz, and another Project Based Assessment. Here is how the week breaks down….

Monday: Review Exploration (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Quiz (West Africa, Motivations, Obstacles, Accomplishments)

Wednesday: Explorers

Thursday: European Interactions

Friday: Project Based Assessment.

Homework Week of 10.2.docx


This Week In History (September 25-29)

This week in history we will be starting a new Unit on the European exploration that leads to the creation of the United States. It will be a busy one.

Remember Tuesday evening is Conference Night at CMS. Conferences will be held from 3-7 (With a dinner break)

You can email me at to schedule.

The game plan for the week is as follows…..

Monday: West Africa (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Achieve 3000

Wednesday: A review of previous content. (Mr Schwartz PD)

Thursday: Motivating Factors of exploration

Friday: Obstacles and Accomplishments of exploration (Homework Due)

Homework Week of September 25th

This Week in History (September 18-22)

This week in history students will complete USI.3abc (Archaeology and Native Americans, and Resources). The week will include a performance based assignment midweek, as well as a traditional test on Friday. A study guide has been attached. (The test date on the bottom may be different, but the test will be 9/22) Homework will be issued on Monday and will be due back on Friday. Students may use the resources on my site to start preparing for the test. (Quizlet, Check for Mastery, Games)Here is the game plan for the week:

Monday: Students complete Schoology Native American Folder

Tuesday: Project Based Assignment (Native Americans)

Wednesday: Project Based Assignment (Native Americans)

Thursday: Review USI.3abc

Friday: Native Americans Test

Homework Week of September 18th

Native Americans Study Guide

This Week In History (September 11-15)

This week in history we are going to look at Native American tribes that first inhabited our continent. We will also look at the way they used the resources to survive and thrive. There will not be any tests or quizzes this week, but there will be plenty of notes, and a homework assignment. Let’s have a great week.

Monday: Archaeology (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Reading Program (Achieve 3000)

Wednesday: Resources

Thursday: Native Americans

Friday: Native Americans (Homework Due)

Homework Week of September 11th

This Week in History (September 4-8)

This week in history is a short one, however we will be busy. The week will bring our Geography Unit to a conclusion. A lot of work will be done in class to bring us to that point. Let’s take a look at the game plan:

Monday: No School Labor Day (Celebrate! No homework on a short week!)

Tuesday: Review Geographic Regions

Wednesday: Review Geographic Regions

Thursday: Review all of Geography

Friday: Test USI.2abcd (All Geography)

This will be our first major test of the year. Though there is no homework, all students are strongly encouraged to use my website to prepare for the test using the online notebook, Quizlet, Games, and Check for Mastery. We are building champions!

This Week in History (August 28-Sept. 1)

This week in history we will have our first quiz on The continents, oceans, and other major bodies of water. There will be homework issued on Monday, and due back on Friday. Here is the game plan for the week:

Monday: Review USI.2abd (Homework Assigned)

Tuesday: Quiz USI.abd

Wednesday: Geograpghic Regions (east)

Thursday: Geographic Regions (west)

Friday: Geographic Regions review (Homework Due)

Homework Week of August 28th

This Week in History (August 21-25)

This week in History, history will actually made when a partial solar eclipse will be visible from Va. As for our History class we will begin to get into the meat of our Geography Unit. This will occur after Mondays Student Growth Assessment. (This will not count toward the students grade—it is the “before” picture in our years work. The plan for the week ahead is….

Mon: Student Growth Assessment 1 (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Land and Water Formations

Wednesday: Continents and Oceans

Thursday: Major Bodies of Water

Friday: Major Bodies of Water  (Homework Due)

Homework Week of August 21st


Happy New Year! I’d like to welcome all the new 6th grade CMS Eagles to the nest. This year we have a lot of great topics to discuss and debate. I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know each of you.

This website is an excellent resource for parents and students to use as a reference or to improve skills as the year progresses. It will contain presentations, homework assignments, notes, videos, games, and more! Bookmark it now.