This Week In History (Sept. 24-28)

This Week In US History will start with a Student Growth Assessment which will give us a baseline to measure growth by at the end of the semester or year. This was originally scheduled for Friday, but technical issues pushed it back a day. The week will continue on with exploration for USI students and ACE students will take a quiz on early colonization, and look deeper in to life in colonial America. Here is the gameplan….

Homework Week of September 24th


Monday: SGA #1 (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Motivating Factors of Exploration

Wednesday: Obstacles and Accomplishments of Exploration

Thursday: Review

Friday: Quiz West Africa, Motivations, Obstacles, and Accomplishments.(Homework Due)



Monday: SGA#1 (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Review of the early British Colonies

Wednesday: Quiz Early British Colonies

Thursday: New England Region

Friday: Mid Atlantic Region (Homework Due)

This Week In History (September 17-21)

This Week in History all classes will be taking an assessment on Wednesday. The USI class will be testing on Native Americans, and the ACE History class will be testing in Exploration. There are plenty of resources on this site, as well as in the Tuesday September 18th folder in Schoology. You student can show you what that looks like. Here is the game plan for the week:


Mon: Complete Performane assessment (Native American Stamps)

Tuesday: Computer Review all things Native Americans

Wednesday: Test Native Americans

Thursday: West Africa

Friday: Student Growth Assessment 1


ACE History

Monday: Cooperation and Conflict-Exploration Slide Creation

Tuesday: Computer Review all things exploration

Wednesday: Test Exploration Unit

Thursday: Early English Colonies

Friday: Student Growth Assessment 1

This Week In History (Sept. 10-14)

This week we resume our regular homework schedule. There are no quizzes or tests for either of my classes this week! Here is the game plan for the week:

Homework Week of September 10th

US History I

Monday: Native Americans (Homework Issued)

Tuesday Native Americans

Wednesday: Native Americans

Thursday: Performance assessment (An in class project grade)

Friday: Complete Performance assessment. Review Native Americans (Homework Due)


ACE US History

Monday: West African Trade (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Motivations and obstacles of Exploration

Wednesday: Accomplishments of exploration

Thursday: Explorers and Interactions

Friday: Conflict and Cooperation (Homework Due)

Have a great week!

This Week in History (Sept. 3-7)

This Week in US History I

Monday: No School (No Homework this week!)

Tuesday: Primary and Secondary Sources

Wednesday: Archaeology (Students eligible for retakes given packets)

Thursday: Resources

Friday: Flashback Friday (Retakes for Geography Test)

This Week in ACE History

Monday: No School (No Homework)

Tuesday: Primary and Secondary Sources/Archaeology

Wednesday: Native Americans

Thursday: Native Americans

Friday: Test Archaeology and Native Americans