This Week In History (November 19-23)

This week in History is abbreviated to celebrate Thanksgiving. There will be no homework, the game plan for this 2 day week is as follows:


Monday: Comprehensive Review

Tuesday: All about Thanksgiving.. .Pilgrims Plymouth and more….

ACE History

Monday: Review Territories,Expansion, and Technologies

Tuesday: Quiz: Territories, Expansion, and Technologies.


Have a great week, for those of you traveling, please be safe, and may everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!

This Week In History (November 12-16)

This Week in History USI students will be learning who the key people of the American Revolution were. On Thursday we will be taking a quiz on the British controls, Colonial Dissatisfactions, and the key people.

The ACE History class will take a Quiz on the First 5 Presidents, and then begin learning of our nations expansion.

On Friday both groups will participate in Career Day. Both groups will have homework assignments in Schoology due on Friday before their class begins.

The game plan for the Week:


Monday: Key People (Homework Published in Schoology)

Tuesday: Key People

Wednesday: Review Controls,Dissatisfactions, and People

Thursday: Quiz Controls, dissatisfactions, and Key People

Friday: Career Day (Homework due before class)

ACE History

Monday: Quiz 1st 5 Presidents (Homework published in Schoology)

Tuesday: Our Nations Expansion

Wednesday: Reasons for Expansion

Thursday: New Technologies

Friday: Career Day (Homework Due before class)

Have a great week! I can almost smell the turkey……

This Week In History (November 5-9)

This week in History we have an abbreviated week with election day on Tuesday. This means there will be no homework this week. Both ACE and US History I begin the week with an assessment. Then after election day the ACE class will discuss the first 5 Presidents and the USI classes will look at British controls and colonial dissatisfactions. Here is the game plan:


Monday: Quiz (AOC, Constitution, Bill of Rights)

Tuesday: NO SCHOOL-Election Day

Wednesday: George Washington and John Adams

Thursday: Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe

Friday: Review 1st 5 Presidents



Monday: Test Colonization Unit

Tuesday: NO SCHOOL-Election Day

Wednesday: British Controls

Thursday: Colonial Dissatisfactions

Friday: Key Revolutionary People

This Week In History (Oct 29 – Nov 2)

This week in History we leave the Month of pumpkins, and move into the month of Turkeys! Time sure is flying this year. This week USI classes will have a busy week completing their Colonization Unit , and the ACE History class will look at how our early government failed, and was reshaped. The ACE class will have a quiz on Friday, and the USI classes will Test next Monday, November 5th. Both classes will have homework due Friday. Here is the game plan:


Monday: Southern Colonies (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Colonial People

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: Review

Friday: Review (Homework Due)


ACE History:

Monday: Articles of Confederation (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Constitution

Wednesday: Bill of Rights

Thursday: Review

Friday: Quiz (Homework Due)


Have a great week!

This Week In History (October 22-26)

This Week in History will see the USI students get further into their study of Colonization, and the ACE classes will take their test on the American Revolution as well as their 1st Benchmark Test (USI Mid Term) Since it is a 5 day week, homework will return. Will be distributed on Monday, and due back Friday. Here is the game plan for the week.


Monday: Review Early English colonies. (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Quiz Early English Colonies

Wednesday: New England Colonies

Thursday: Mid Atlantic Colonies

Friday: Southern Colonies (Homework Due)


ACE History

Monday: Performance Assessment (Revolution)

Tuesday: Test Revolutionary Era

Wednesday:Review for Benchmark

Thursday: Review for Benchmark

Friday: Benchmark Test (Homework Due)


This Week In History (October 15-19)

This week in History starts our second quarter. It is a short week, therefore there will be no homework this week. Here is the game plan:

US History I

Monday: No School (Fall Break)

Tuesday: Benchmark Review

Wednesday: Benchmark Test

Thursday: Early English Colonies (Economic)

Friday: Early English Colonies (Religious)


ACE History

Monday: No School (Fall Break)

Tuesday: Revolutionary War Battles

Wednesday: Treaty of Paris; Colonial Advantages

Thursday: Revolutionary Review (Paper/Pencil)

Friday:Revolutionary Review (Computer)

This Week In History (October 8-12)

This week in US History is a short one due to a teacher workday on Friday. This means NO HOMEWORK! However, if you are missing a homework assignment, please check this website to get the assignment and get it turned in by Thursday. Grades will be due then. The USI classes will be testing this week on Exploration, and the ACE History class will be spending the week looking at the American Revolution. The game plan for the week is as follows:


Monday: Cooperation and Conflict/ Review Exploration Unit Complete Slideshows.

Tuesday: Review Exploration

Wednesday Test Exploration Unit

Thursday: First Quarter Review

Friday: No School


ACE History:

Monday: Key People of the Revolution

Tuesday: Pre Revolutionary Events

Wednesday: Declaration of Independence

Thursday: Revolutionary Battles and Colonial Advantages.

Friday: No School


This Week In History (October 1-5)

Welcome to October and Autumn! Last week did not go exactly as planned for a few reasons, one of which was an unexpected absence from school on my part. Due to my absence not everything was taught as it was orginally scheduled, and no quiz took place on Friday for USI classes. Homework from last week is being moved forward to next week as well. So, lets take a look at how the first week of October should work out.


Monday: Review West Africa, Motivations, Obstacles, Accomplishments (Homework)

Tuesday: Quiz: West Africa, Motivatiions, Obstacles, Accomplishments

Wednesday: Explorers

Thursday: Interactions

Friday: Obstacles and Accomplishments (Homework Due)



Monday: Southern Colonies (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Colonial People

Wednesday: Review Colonial Regions

Thursday: Review Colonization

Friday: Test USI.5abc

Homework Week of September 24th

This Week In History (Sept. 24-28)

This Week In US History will start with a Student Growth Assessment which will give us a baseline to measure growth by at the end of the semester or year. This was originally scheduled for Friday, but technical issues pushed it back a day. The week will continue on with exploration for USI students and ACE students will take a quiz on early colonization, and look deeper in to life in colonial America. Here is the gameplan….

Homework Week of September 24th


Monday: SGA #1 (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Motivating Factors of Exploration

Wednesday: Obstacles and Accomplishments of Exploration

Thursday: Review

Friday: Quiz West Africa, Motivations, Obstacles, and Accomplishments.(Homework Due)



Monday: SGA#1 (Homework Issued)

Tuesday: Review of the early British Colonies

Wednesday: Quiz Early British Colonies

Thursday: New England Region

Friday: Mid Atlantic Region (Homework Due)

This Week In History (September 17-21)

This Week in History all classes will be taking an assessment on Wednesday. The USI class will be testing on Native Americans, and the ACE History class will be testing in Exploration. There are plenty of resources on this site, as well as in the Tuesday September 18th folder in Schoology. You student can show you what that looks like. Here is the game plan for the week:


Mon: Complete Performane assessment (Native American Stamps)

Tuesday: Computer Review all things Native Americans

Wednesday: Test Native Americans

Thursday: West Africa

Friday: Student Growth Assessment 1


ACE History

Monday: Cooperation and Conflict-Exploration Slide Creation

Tuesday: Computer Review all things exploration

Wednesday: Test Exploration Unit

Thursday: Early English Colonies

Friday: Student Growth Assessment 1